let’s talk about the current state of things 

I want to talk about this election. I want to talk about it because I feel the need to do something about the current state of things, and putting some words down felt like a good place to start.

It scares me that a man that stands for so much hatred of the ‘other’ is now the President of the most powerful country in the world. I am scared for the Muslim families that are waiting for their approval to move to the States. I am afraid for the little Latino boy who feels unsafe walking to school. I worry about the LGBTQ people who feel betrayed by their country. I am scared for the women who are making appointments to get an IUD today before their reproductive rights potentially get stripped away from them. I am afraid for the state of our precious environment.

I think we all should be a little bit scared, because this man should be taken seriously. He has been dismissed too much for being a joke, which led him all the way to presidency. Even if he is a joke, his jokes have serious ramifications. But overarching fear is not productive, and will only lead to further division.

So I want to channel that fear and transform it into motivation to stand up for what is right, and to eradicate all of this hate with some damn good love.

I want to give every person I see a massive hug. I want to tell the Americans I know that I love them and we will all find a way to get through this. I want to actively challenge racism in small and large ways. I want to further understand what white people should do to help enable and demand equality for people of colour. I want to have conversations with people who disagree with what I believe in, with hopes for dialogue and understanding as opposed to increased polarization. I want to find the key organizations to donate to that need our help right now. I want, for myself and all the other nasty women out there, to shatter as many glass ceilings as absolutely possible.

I want to be able to tell my future daughter that the world we live in is really damn amazing. I want to tell her that although a sociopathic, orange, misogynist, racist, hateful man ran America for a little awhile, people came together, stronger than ever, to protect their neighbours and communities from hate.

x j