i’ve had better days than today.

today i:

got lost on my way to a store where i could buy a router (because our internet is so incredibly broken).

spent 20 minutes trying to choose the proper router.

after choosing one, realized i forgot my wallet, so i had to head back home.

got home, turned back around, bought the router. learned that if i open the box i can’t return the router (which is so stupid).

managed to break my bike on the way home, so i walked it back with me. (i think i can fix it though, so that’s good).

realized that my computer charger is definitely 100% broken (it’s been on the fritz for awhile), so i then had no internet or battery.

didn’t fix our internet, because it’s a lost freakin’ cause.

finally, the last straw, i put on my favourite pair of jeans and then viola, they ffffffffccccccckkkinnnnng ripped.   fsadfkajsldfjasldfkj.a;lfj209348/.

it was a very sunny day and i went on a run in a beautiful park that i had never been to and am about to go eat pizza and drink wine with some lovely people, so it’s not all awful. but man, i feel like today my life is an episode in a bad sitcom.

(shoutout to the friendly austrian boy across the hall who let me use both his computer charger and his wifi.)


It’s funny, the day that all of these thing broke, I started to miss home quite a lot. I was walking in a hurry to get to my Apple Store appointment (because my computer charger broke), and I stopped into a Starbucks (for wifi, because my data ran out and I was lost) and ordered a coffee and caramel brownie. I found an overwhelming sense of comfort in the familiar decor and overall vibe of that Starbucks, and was briefly transported back home to the Brentwood Starbucks that I went to far too often during lunch breaks to order Caramel Frappuccinos back when I was fourteen.

Anyway, I started to miss home because I was frustrated with my day, and then I realized if I were at home and got frustrated with my day, I’d instinctually dream of places that are far, far away. The power of both nostalgia and wanderlust, they can get to ya.



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