You hear from everyone that travelling and studying abroad is “the best experience of your life” and that “there’s nothing better” and “it’s life changing” and blah blah blah blah you really ought to go. You think yeah I bet it’ll be fun, sure why not? You get to go on a little adventure and … Continue reading ramble

another one

Mac deMarco is a really big deal here. I’m not surprised, but I think it’s kind of funny, because he’s from the little Edmonton, Alberta. I remember in high school when some of my friends loved him and would go see him play in grungy bars in Edmonton. Anyway, he is playing here in Amsterdam … Continue reading another one

evanescent days

The streets in this city have a sense of ordered chaos, with perhaps more chaos than order. Any traffic rules appear to really just be guidelines, with mopeds speeding in the bike lanes, the bicyclers leisurely criss-crossing paths at the uncontrolled intersections, and tourists stopping dead in the middle of the street to check their … Continue reading evanescent days