january 22, 2015

a day i doubt i’ll forget anytime soon. the first thing that made that cold january thursday memorable is that i was nominated to study at university of amsterdam in september for a year! (major plus). i’ve been planning this european adventure for quite awhile, so that was a very good email to receive. and then, just a few hours after that, i managed to slice open and cut the tendons of my right index finger with a god damn kitchen knife while trying to open a god damn package of cheese so that i could make some god damn quesadillas. (major god damn bummer). so then i took a trip to the clinic, who sent me to the ER, who stitched me up and sent me to the surgery unit. they stitched my tendons and nerve endings and put me in a nice ol’ plaster cast.

so here i am, six days later, in a new plastic, bionic-woman-type splint, that i have the pleasure of wearing for the next 5-6 weeks! wooooo hoooo!